Step into the world of CHARLIE TALBOTT and become the most feared hitman and enforcer in the payroll of mysterious mob boss Ritchie M, a man thoroughly convinced that you can do any job at any time. Yet he doesn’t know this life is starting to wear you down. The only thing keeping you alive and sane is the fact that the people at the wrong end of your gun are all as rotten and wicked as you are, if not more.

Sadly for you, that is about to change. Ritchie has called you to put a contract on a mysterious party both of you refer to as “The Bird”. You’re compelled to take the assignment out of some misplaced sense of professional pride, but you’re starting to have doubts about what may happen. You know The Bird doesn’t deserve this, but you owe Ritchie your life.

Tired, burned out and already swelling with regret, you dive into the night to carry out what could be your last job.

Stay sharp, stay strong and stay focused. Hell could be just around the corner.

talbottgamebanner copy

  • An all-new immersive text adventure.
  • Hard-boiled, hard-hitting drama inspired by the short story “The Bird’s On Stage”.
  • Extensive new script written by noir fiction author Joe Pineda.
  • Multiple paths and multiple choices leading to several shocking endings.
  • Your morality will affect Charlie’s options and decide the outcome of this job.
  • Complete free of charge. No download or installation required. Just click and play.

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